Francesco Chieppa espone a Cassino

Evento segnalato da RCapitanio in data 09-03-2011

Dal 26/03/2011 al 30/03/2011, presso la Sala Sant'Antonio, Corso della Repubblica, Cassino (FR) si terrà una mostra delle opere più significative del Maestro Francesco Chieppa. L'artista milanese, esponente della scuola espressionista, esporrà alcuni suoi recenti lavori e concluderà l'evento con una performance dal vivo nello storico scenario dell'Abbazia di Montecassino.

COSA: Mostre; DOVE: Italia->Lazio->Provincia di Frosinone->Cassino; DATA: 26-03-2011;


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my teresai have all the vieods of all the plays and as you will recall!, you wer
my teresai have all the vieods of all the plays and as you will recall!, you were the irresistible narrator in the very first one!you tried to take over, steal the show, and that became a signature character FLAW (ha ha) of each narrator that came after you. until i found a less flamboyant one who obeys me and stays put on her reading stool!now i will be nice and say oh thank you thank you again for believing in me as a writer, you've always been there and i count on you always being there forever.i love love love youand MYMARKsuzee B

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Thanks for posting my pic with you, Suzee, now I am relaly going to be immortali
Thanks for posting my pic with you, Suzee, now I am relaly going to be immortalized in your blog. Yes, I AND my daughter, Amaryllis, received the honor of playing blues sistahs for four years running and what a crazy and enchanting time it was. Only God can align the universe so that a person (me) would move into that one very particular house at the end of a street somewhere near Bozeman where the Branches lived next door for the next 10 years or so, yet that is precisely what happened to me and my family back in 1990. We sure didn't realize what we were getting into and we were all quite dubious about the proposition to put on a play at first, but it became a family affair. Everyone got to participate in the blues sistahs in some capacity. Bill got to play Ricky Ricardo and he scared the you-know-what out of us when he shaved off his mustache for the sake of his character. I almost had a heart attack when I saw him, as I had never before, or since, seen him without that protective fringe. Christian was just a kid at the time and he got to be the special effects person, a goofy job which he loved as the special effects were hysterically funny. Loved it all immensely and will never forget the fun and fellowship we shared. We miss you and love you, lead blues sistah extraordinaire! And you too, Branch.

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