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Anche quest’anno la manifestazione si inserisce in un ricco programma di eventi che vedrà la città di Ascoli Piceno protagonista sia nel settore culturale e dell’artigianato artistico con CeramicAscoli, con il Concorso Internazionale Biennale di Ceramica Artistica e Tradizionale, e con l’importante mostra dedicata al maestro ceramista Gian Carlo Polidori, sia nell’ambito enogastronomico con “Fritto Misto”, importante ed affermata manifestazione dedicata ai più grandi fritti dall’Italia e dal resto del mondo.
Nel corso dell’evento il pubblico avrà la possibilità di cimentarsi nella manipolazione dell'argilla e nella decorazione pittorica, di frequentare corsi e laboratori, di visitare laboratori artigianali, di lasciarsi affascinare delle ceramiche messe in mostra e in vendita.

COSA: Mercati e mercatini; DOVE: Italia->Marche->Provincia di Ascoli Piceno->Ascoli Piceno; DATA: 29-04-2012;


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Laura_ve Hi from an Italian reader. Not from Marche thgouh, old wet
Laura_ve Hi from an Italian reader. Not from Marche thgouh, old wet Venetian coast here. I think you will enjoy Christmas in Italy, but maybe you will find it a bit soft, from what I can see online on your side of the ocean things go quite wild at Christmas. We usually have a Christmas tree, some lights outside the house and the presepe, of course. I just wanted to tell you that it's the most wonderful time of the year here as well, on Sunday my sister and I baked some Christmas cookies with honey and cinnamon on our wood stove. We managed to take out of the oven the first batch a bit too cooked, the second one got completely burned but the third one was allright. I'm looking forward to your next entry on the blog,hugs,Laura

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Hi Rosanne,The stuffed oveils sound really good, I will have to try it sometime!
Hi Rosanne,The stuffed oveils sound really good, I will have to try it sometime! I can truly say that I have gained some pounds from all this eating! We were at my parents on Friday night and his family on Saturday. Over the whole week-end we had curried eggplant with tomatoes and basil on rice (something my mom has been making for as long as I can remember), spiced beef with sweet potatao, aspargus cooked in feta, shrimp in a curry sauce and some homemade naans with chillies and a lot of chocolate! I was on the receiving end and my mom too showed me a cooking utensil (rolling pin), when I try to sneak a little snack It is always good to read your blogs and get some new cooking ideas!

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felt good. I actually like the stud cnrfiguoation on these. And to answer @Andy
felt good. I actually like the stud cnrfiguoation on these. And to answer @Andy there are actually two different size studs. One is very similar to a regular stud, while the other has a slightly lower profile.@BenI would order true to size, for me that was a great fit. It is more the inside color that stains the socks didn't effect the color of the leather upper.@MichaelInsole felt comfy and you are not likely to feel the studs unless you play on cement (I hope not!)@DannyUK ProDirect@OmarTough to say these, once in your lifetime. It just depends when you want to get them!

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Hi Lee,Thanks so much for the encouragement! And you know there's alywas time to
Hi Lee,Thanks so much for the encouragement! And you know there's alywas time to start learning again!Hi Jennifer,Thanks for your support! I'm really looking forward to seeing where this leads.Hi Amy,I know what you mean. Fortunately the courses I'm taking aren't that expensive, but at least they'll give me the opportunity to hone my skills.And you know I think you should really give it a try if you're into it. You know this Cream Puff would support you all the way!Hi Jen,Thanks so much! Although with the tremendous baker that you are I can't imagine you even needing CA classes!Hi Ceendy,You're so cute! Thanks for the support and thanks for tagging me for a MEME!Ciao Cannella,Mille grazie! Un grande abbraccio e Buona Pasqua!

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